ADAS Technology

Camera Sensors

What parts need programming for ADAS to work properly? Camera sensors are one. Front-facing camera sensors help the car determine where it is on the road and serve the information to the steering system in case intervention is needed to keep it between the lines. Improper programming might cause the car to correct, even when it’s traveling in its lane.

Radar Sensors

Radar sensors sense obstacles and potential road hazards, acting like a sixth sense for the driver. When a car is in the blind spot, the radar sensor detects it and alerts the driver. Radars also assist in adaptive cruise control by detecting the distance between car lengths and maintaining safe driving distance.

Ultrasonic Sensors

The back-up camera is assisted by ultrasonic sensors that emit sounds too high for humans to hear. They measure the time it takes for sounds to bounce back and calculate the distance between the vehicle and an object nearby. That helps drivers back into tight spaces without any dents or dings.

Steering Angle Sensors

Steering wheel sensors take the driver’s input with the steering wheel and help make the coordinating movements with the car’s wheels. It also assesses how fast the steering wheel is being turned. Turning fast at slow speeds is normal, but at high speeds it could indicate the vehicle is out of control.

Vehicle Control Modules

Every modern vehicle is equipped with numerous modules that control everything from engine performance to body functions. Over time, the software in these modules become outdated and can create any number of problems. Also, when new vehicle control modules are installed into vehicles as a part of repair they will need programming. Performing proper programming with OE logic and updating modules is important. LEVEL 5 Solutions features factory software such as HDS (Honda and Acura), NERS (Nissan and Infiniti), JLR (Jaguar and Land Rover), ODIS (Volkswagen and Audi), SSM4 (Subaru), FJDS (Ford, Lincoln and Mercury), FDRS (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury), VIDA (Volvo), TECHSTREAM (Toyota and Lexus), GDS2 (General Motors, Chevrolet), ISTA-P (BMW and Mini), XENTRY (Mercedes), HMA (Hyundai), WITECH 2.0 (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat), and more…