Pre & Post-Scans


A pre-scan is a vital first step of the blueprinting process for collision repairs and of the diagnostic process for mechanical repairs. It helps the repairer identify all the relevant damage, especially damage not visible during teardown. Armed with the knowledge of what a full and proper repair will entail, our technicians' repair plan will be much more accurate, with no surprises requiring additional approval at the end of the repair process. Not only does a pre-scan reduce supplement frequency, but it also is required by the majority of vehicle manufacturers.


A post-scan is a confirmation that all related DTCs have been addressed during the repair and that no new issues have been caused by the repair process. Both pre- and post-scans serve as documentation of related damage and that the repairs were performed correctly.

The pre-scan should be performed prior to any disassembly or diagnostics to gain an accurate picture of the vehicle’s damage. The post-scan should be performed after the vehicle is fully reassembled and after any required mechanical repairs, ADAS calibrations, and programming is completed.