In-Shop ADAS Services in Springfield, VA

Same-Day ADAS Calibrations

Level 5 Solutions is a specialized ADAS service provider in Springfield, Virginia. We help independent collision repair shops increase their average repair order with ADAS services for today’s advanced vehicles. Typically, ADAS falls outside of a general auto repair shop’s wheel house since the equipment and training are expensive. However, with our team at your disposal, it’s like your shop has its own high-tech repair department, just offsite! Make us your resource for in-shop ADAS service.

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Shop Requirements

When it comes to ADAS service, you have to do it right, or you might as well not do it, and poor calibration might make matters worse. Level 5 Solutions is happy to provide in-shop services, where our certified technicians will perform ADAS services at our state-of-the-art location according to manufacturer specifications. If your shop doesn’t meet specific standards, it’s better for us to perform the services here. The shop environment must meet specific requirements to properly perform calibrations:

  1. Indoors only
  2. No exterior light sources, shadows, or uneven surface shadows
  3. Ability for bright background light alignment
  4. Clear and level surroundings
  5. Large bay with no obstructions (about 30 ft. by 16 ft.)


The vehicle thrust angle must be adjusted to OE specifications before the completion of ADAS service. That’s another reason why our in-shop services can be more convenient. At our location, we use specific calibration frames and wheel clamps that provide accuracy equivalent to OE standards for thrust and wheel alignment. That might make it easier for us to perform certain ADAS services in our shop instead of yours. Whatever the case, you can contact us for professional assistance!

Speedy Cycle Times

We hear you. Won’t it be slow to send cars to another location for ADAS service? Absolutely not. We understand the importance of short cycle times and work hard to keep things moving quickly for your business and your customers. Our conveniently located ADAS specialty shop in Springfield, Virginia, helps shops in our area marry speed and profits. We work quickly on ADAS services to increase your average repair order so you make more money and lose less time. Most of the time, we complete services the same-day, which is much faster than the dealer.

The Growing State of ADAS

Feeling overwhelmed by the detail that comes with ADAS service? Don’t worry. That’s what Level 5 Solutions was created to help with. We’re here to support independent auto and collision repair shops with the growing demand for ADAS service. Advanced driver assistance systems aren’t going away. They’re only becoming more common and prominent with each new annual line-up. The increase in ADAS technology isn’t a threat -- it’s an opportunity for your business to grow! With the help of our specialists, you can start making more money by increasing your average repair order with ADAS services. Contact us today at 703-496-9989 or visit us at 7668-G Fullerton Road in Springfield, Virginia, to learn more!

We're here to help with:

  • Parking assistance camera
  • Front radar
  • Headlight control module
  • Headlight range adjustment position sensor
  • Interior motion sensor
  • ASDM Active Safety Domain Master
  • Collision warning camera
  • Closing velocity module
  • Side parking assistance camera
  • Side obstacle detection module
  • Rear parking assistance camera
  • Height control sensor
  • Millimeter wave radar
  • Blind spot monitor sensor
  • Forward recognition camera
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Side television camera
  • Front television camera
  • Rear television camera
  • Occupant classification system module
  • OCS
  • Stereo camera
  • EyeSight camera
  • ICC Radar
  • Intelligent cruise control radar
  • Rear view monitor predictive course line center position adjustment
  • Lane camera
  • ACC module
  • Adaptive cruise control module
  • Central vision processing module
  • Active aerodynamic air dam
  • DASM
  • Driver assist system module
  • TPMS
  • Tire pressure monitor system
  • EPS
  • Electronic power steering
  • Adaptive front lighting
  • Smart beam module
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Front 360 degree camera
  • Side 360 degree camera
  • Rear 360 degree camera
  • Driver door module
  • Passenger door module
  • Tailgate module
  • Driver seat module
  • Passenger seat module
  • Seat climate control module
  • Seat memory module
  • Multi function camera
  • Reversing camera with dynamic guidelines
  • Front side radar sensor
  • Forward sensing camera
  • Laser sensor
  • MRCC module
  • Mazda radar cruise control module
  • Rear radar sensor
  • Wide camera
  • Rear corner radar
  • Front view camera
  • Front multiview camera
  • Side multiview camera
  • Rear multiview camera
  • Elevation system check
  • Azimuth system check
  • Pro trailer backup assist camera
  • Image processing module a
  • Image processing module b
  • Long range radar sensor
  • Short range radar sensor
  • Active park assist sensor
  • Parking aid sensor
  • Surround vision camera
  • Curb view camera
  • Nightvision camera
  • Far infrared camera
  • Lane change warning radar
  • KAFAS camera
  • Pyrotechnic actuator
  • side/top view camera
  • RFK
  • Central electronics module
  • Instrument cluster
  • Instrument cluster module
  • Ride control module
  • Parking brake module
  • Windshield wiper module
  • Information control unit
  • Information unit
  • Armrest heater module
  • Rear SAM
  • Front SAM
  • Signal acquisition module
  • Panoramic sliding roof module
  • Heads up display module