ADAS Diagnostics in Springfield, VA

Pre- and Post-Scan Diagnostic Services

The first step to ADAS service is determining what needs to be done. That’s where Level 5 Solutions in Springfield, Virginia, can help with professional ADAS diagnostics. Our certified technicians can plug into any vehicle with our state-of-the-art equipment to determine what parts need adjustment, calibration, or replacement. Then, we can get to work to get cars back to you quickly! We work like the high tech service department for independent auto and collision repair shops, handling the tricky ADAS work that might otherwise slow them down.

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Repair Scan Processes

At Level 5 Solutions, we also perform pre-repair and post-repair scans to ensure every vehicle is repaired safely in accordance with manufacturer standards. After receiving customer authorization to scan their vehicle, our team starts a pre-repair scan. This tells us whether the car’s computers need to be repaired, replaced, or recalibrated. After we perform the necessary services, we perform a post-scan to ensure all issues are resolved. It’s important to us that we get it right for vehicle safety, and as an extension of your shop’s service, we always prioritize safety and accuracy.

Why Choose Level 5 Solutions?

Working with our ADAS experts helps your shop stand up against the competition. Whether you’re an independent auto repair shop looking to attract customers from dealerships or a collision repair shop trying to do better than the rest, we can help you! We do it by helping you speed up cycle times and masterfully incorporate ADAS services into your business model. When we work together, you can increase your profits on every vehicle that we help service. Most shops see an average increase in ARO of over $400! We provide direct documentation to lower legal liability and prove that the repairs meet OE standards.

Are Scans Required?

Buzz in the industry has many mechanics wondering about the necessity to perform pre-repair and post-repair scans. Level 5 Solutions can tell you this: most OEMs recommend scans, and some require them. But the insurance companies that usually end up paying for the scans want OEMs to be more specific by providing guidelines on what scans are needed. If scanning every time is a waste of time and money, they don’t want pre- and post-scans with every repair.

Our Benefits for Insurance Companies

  • Eliminate dangerous, non-factory procedures that don’t follow OE recommendations
  • Documentation proving OE standard repairs
  • Improve cycle times
  • Lower total repair costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary or ineffective repairs

We Come to You!

Think of Level 5 Solutions in Springfield, Virginia, as an extension of your shop’s team. When you need someone with adequate training for high-tech diagnostics or repairs, give us a call! We’ll can also send a technician to your location to perform ADAS diagnostics on the spot. We work quickly to protect or improve cycle times. We perform services that meet manufacturer standards to preserve vehicle safety and customer confidence. And we help you uphold integrity in your auto repair and service offerings.

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