Faster Cycle Times

Improve your shop standings against the competition.


Education on how to use ADAS as a profit center.


Aid in negotiations with insurance adjusters, lower legal liability, and prove repairs meet OE standards.


Complete, professional and transparent calibration and programming estimates.

Increase Profits

Increase your profits on every vehicle we service (Average increase in ARO of over $400).

Capability & Reputation

Increase your shop’s capability and reputation.



Today, more vehicle features than ever incorporate ADAS technology. You might be surprised to see exactly how many of these features are hiding in a car’s design. The real impact for independent auto repair and collision repair shops comes with fixing ADAS features. Some of the high-end tech requires special knowledge and training. Instead of building out a whole team to handle ADAS repairs, or turning down repair jobs, you can lean on Level 5 Solutions in Springfield, Virginia.

LEVEL 5 Solutions is a specialized automotive equipment and technology resource for OE dealers, and glass, collision and independent auto repair shops in and around Northern Virginia. We are automotive professionals on a mission to help our automotive industry. By tailoring our solutions to your shop's needs, we put your success first. We structure our services so that you make money on every service. Want to know more about how your business can capitalize on emerging automotive technologies and services with LEVEL 5 Solutions? Contact us today!

The Growing State Of ADAS

Feeling overwhelmed by the detail that comes with ADAS service? Don’t worry. That’s why we've created LEVEL 5 Solutions. We’re here to support independent auto and collision repair shops with the growing demand for ADAS service. Advanced driver assistance systems aren’t going away. They’re only becoming more common and prominent with each new annual line-up. The increase in ADAS technology isn’t a threat -- it’s an opportunity for your business to grow! With the help of our specialists, you can start making more money by increasing your average repair order with ADAS services. Contact our team in Springfield, Virginia, today at 703-496-9989 to learn more!

ADAS Service Requirements

To perform ADAS calibrations on-site, your shop environment might need to meet specific standards. Our team will be happy to discuss the basics of ADAS service to determine if mobile service is a convenient or applicable solution for your needs. Regardless of where we work, our certified technicians get the job done quickly and efficiently! Here are some shop environment requirements, although the ability to perform a service depends on the type of vehicle and service being performed:

  • Indoors only
  • No exterior light sources, shadows, or uneven surface shadows
  • Ability for bright background light alignment
  • Clear and level surroundings, no more than 1 degree slope
  • Large bay with no obstructions approximately 60ft by 40ft