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R1234yf Refrigerant Recovery & Recharging

Mechanics know that leaks are a common problem with auto air conditioning systems. And while some independent auto repair shops can handle a simple repair and recharge, others could use a little help in that department. Level 5 Solutions has EPA certified technicians that can perform auto AC recharges with R1234YF & R134A refrigerant. Contact our team in Springfield, Virginia, to learn more about what we can do for you, how our partnership could benefit your shop, and how to schedule! You can call us at 703-496-9989, visit 7668-G Fullerton Road or contact us through our website.

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R1234YF & R134A Refrigerant

What we use in vehicle AC systems has changed a lot over time to be better for our environment. As we learned that refrigerants could be harmful to the ozone layer of the atmosphere, we created new products that mitigated the risk of that damage. R1234YF & R134A is a type of refrigerant used in some, but not all, new vehicles. Processing this type of refrigerant requires certain training, which our EPA Certified technicians have! When you need recharges or recovery, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Highly Trained & EPA Certified Experts

In addition to our full-suite of ADAS services, Level 5 Solutions also performs R1234YF & R134A AC recharge and recovery services for the convenience of our customers. Independent auto and collision repair shops need some professional support, and that’s why we were created. Our EPA Certified Technicians have the proper training, qualifications, and equipment that meets EPA requirements to perform proper recharge and recovery services.

What We Do

In the case of AC recharge, we can add additional refrigerant to bring pressure to manufacturer specifications. We also introduce fluorescent dye that gives us a visual marker of any leaks in the system. We go the extra mile for you, just as you would for your customers, and we know that getting it right is important for your success as well as ours.

All the Benefits, None of the Hassle

Level 5 Solutions in Springfield, Virginia, is committed to upholding quality and accuracy in our industry. That’s why we offer our expertise and services to shops throughout our area to help them meet standards, and still make money! Here’s what we can do for you:


  • Capability without the high costs of new equipment and training (scan tools, 1234yf recovery & recharge, & more)
  • Eliminate risk and liability of ignoring OE mandated specifications
  • Make more money on every job we assist with
  • Accurate documentation to prove each car has been returned to factory standards

Best Practices

  • We use proper safety gear and equipment
  • We assess refrigerant type to calculate proper storage
  • Our recovery equipment meets current standards for best practices
  • We maintain and recertify our recovery equipment regularly

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Do you have questions about mobile R1234YF & R134A refrigerant recovery? Do you want Level 5 Solutions to handle the job for your auto repair shop? We’re here to help you move through services quickly. We ensure our cycle times don’t harm your shop’s reputation for speed. If anything, we can help you get things done faster! Shops throughout Springfield, Virginia, rely on us for tough technical jobs that can still earn them money. Let us be your high-tech service department! Contact us today at 703-496-9989 or visit our facility at 7668-G Fullerton Road to learn more.

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