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To all the shops in and around Springfield, Virginia, that service vehicles with ADAS components: Level 5 Solutions promises to be your trusted advisor, to act in the best interest of your shop, and to provide high-tech solutions to the issues involved with today’s high-tech problems.

ADAS systems pose a unique challenge to our industry, and some worry that it will harm their business. We’re here to ensure the opposite is true. We turn ADAS systems into a revenue-generator for your business. You make money on every repair, and we handle the equipment and training costs.

How We Help

Level 5 Solutions is equipped with the latest technology to perform calibrations on all makes and models of vehicles. These services can be performed on the same day to improve cycle time and increase profits and productivity.
Level 5 Solutions is equipped with state-of-the-art AC equipment to service both R1234yf and R134a systems. Servicing with Level 5 will increase profits and productivity while decreasing the need for expensive next-generation AC equipment.
Level 5 Solutions connects to OE Software to program any number of modules and other important components on all late model vehicles. Programming can be done on the same day and will soon include remote programming.
Level 5 Solutions will perform on-site pre and post scans to assist in blueprinting repairs. This service is fast and convenient, decreasing cycle time while increasing estimate-writing accuracy.
Level 5 Solutions has state-of-the-art Hunter equipment compatible with all makes and models. Proper documentation, including color print-outs and steering angle adaptation information always provided.
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Level 5 Solutions wants to support the success of our industry by educating independent auto repair and collision repair shops on ADAS technology. We can teach owners, managers, and estimators how to effectively use ADAS as a profit center for your business. We can also teach managers and service advisors how to incorporate ADAS into the shop’s business model, and which vehicles need ADAS services.

Our ADAS Training Programs

The Benefits:

  • Faster cycle times to improve your shop standings against the competition
  • Education on how to use ADAS as a profit center
  • Calibration and programming estimates
  • Direct documentation to aid in negotiations with insurance adjusters, lower legal liability, and prove repairs meet OE standards
  • Increase your profits on every vehicle we service (Average increase in ARO of over $400)
  • Increase your shop’s capability and reputation

Our Promises:

We support independent auto repair shops and collision repair shops. Your success is our success! So what exactly do we do to help? We can break it down into these four things:

  1. We help you increase profits on every vehicle repaired.
  2. We reduce legal liability by ensuring OE compliance.
  3. We provide documentation on every repair.
  4. We reduce cycle time by being more efficient than the dealer.

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